This is my not-for-profit photographic portfolio page, promoting sales and commissions (previously trading as 'Studio-43'). The income generated enables me to take on international charity and social enterprise work at considerably reduced costs to the client.


I am a freelance photographer with some multimedia experience. For many years I had been working in the charity sector in various parts of the world: Africa, the Middle East and Asia. I have also lived and travelled widely in Western Europe.

At home and abroad I have been involved with people from all walks of life. I have been humbled, enchanted and occasionally angered by the people I have met. From African street children, Palestinian peasants, Brixton milkmen and Sinhalese doctors to the most arrogant of government officials, all have left an impression on me.

Past and present partnerships include:

 Child Rescue Kenya,
 HOPE Enterprises (Ethiopia),
 Makandura Rural Projects (Sri Lanka),
 Zaytoun (Palestine),
 Mediterranea (Ethiopia)
 International Childcare Trust (UK),
 Carers Lewisham (UK), and
 Njia Panda Ya Tumaini (Kenya).

Publications include: Black+White Photography Magazine, Red Pepper, Time Out, East London Advertiser, East London Lives, The Tanat Chronicle and various websites

Oliver Lynton
June 2018

I am always interested in new challenges and, though I deperately need work, I may well take on and subsidise charity and social media projects around the world. If you think I can help you or you have an interesting project please get in touch for a chat.

A web version of my CV is here

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